It’s a new year!

2020 is officially behind us, and it’s time to advance content marketing to a new level. The reality is that content marketing has already advanced since the latter half of 2020. If you don’t know, then it’s time to catch up. This complete and ultimate guide will teach you fresh content marketing strategies to apply in 2021.

By the end of this guide, you’ll learn how you can implement content marketing

strategies or find best Content Marketing Services

Promote your content the right way.
Use content formats that work.
Apply new content marketing trends in 2021.
Create the best content for your brand.
Take advantage of advanced techniques, strategies, and tips.

If you want to get a quick head start in generating new traffic to your website, you’re going to love this guide.

Let’s dive on in.

Chapter 1: Prioritize Video Content

It’s 2021, and video marketing is still old news.

If you haven’t yet implemented a video marketing strategy, here are a few reasons why you should get started:

60% of people would rather watch an online video than a TV show.
Mobile video engagement rates increase by 100% each year.
By 2022, online videos will take up a whopping 82% of all internet traffic with huge buyer intent.
Facebook predicts that their platform will be entirely video by 2021 (you better adapt!)

If you’re still not convinced, here are more:
Videos add a 300% increase in website traffic.
A website is nearly 53 times more likely to be featured on the first page of Google with a video
Featuring a video on a landing page will increase its conversion rate by 80%.
Nearly half of intent users look for a video to learn about a company’s products and services.
Video can increase organic search traffic by as much as 157%.

If you paid close attention to these statistics, then you’ll know that a few of them are scheduled to take place either in 2021 or a few years from now.

If you haven’t already developed a video marketing strategy, then you need to get with the program in a hurry!

Fortunately, video marketing strategies are a bit easy to construct.

The major leg work is done with creating video content.

Brands all over the internet are finding creative ways to implement the use of videos in their content.

One of our favorite methods of doing so is including an optional video at the beginning of every blog.